The Ljubljana University Economics Faculty Hosts a Lecture by the Head of the Polygon Creative Centre

On Wednesday, 23 May 2018, within the framework of the Research Methods in Tourism subject (teacher: Prof. Dr.Irena Ograjenšek), the Ljubljana University Economics Faculty hosted a lecture by the Master Eva Matjaž, a co-founder and the head of the Polygon Creative Centre.

Eva Matjaž presented a variety of methodological bases and analytical approaches that are of practical importance in the preparation, implementation and tracking of the successful performance of the strategic plan for the development of the tourist destination brand and its management using the example of the Radol’ca Pristno Sladka trademark.

As noted at the university, students will be able to use the information obtained in the above-mentioned subject in the course of work on the collective research project “Image of the Beer Fountain in the Slovenian Public’s Imagining” (Slovene: Podoba žalske fontane piv v slovenski javnosti).