The Kostel Castle Opens After a Four-year Restoration

After a four-year restoration, the Kostel Castle, the second largest castle complex in Slovenia (after the Celje Castle), opened its doors to visitors on 22 June 2018.

The restoration works financed by the state involved the finishing building of the castle. In addition, the municipality of Kostel has invested a little less than 40 thousand euros in the restoration of the castle during the last four years. The castle was connected to the power supply line, equipped with secure access, upgraded wood floors, refurbished staircases, metal fence and improved facilities for holding events.

According to the Head of the local Centre of Culture and Tourism, Uroš Jelenovič, the restored Castle will now host chamber concerts, art exhibitions, performances and workshops. Besides, on Fridays, Saturdays and Sundays, it will feature guided tours. In addition, in cooperation with the Kočevje Regional Museum, an exhibition dedicated to the anti-feudal medieval rebellions was opened in the restored castle.

The castle was first mentioned in written sources of 1336 and called ‘Castrum Grauenwarth’ — Count’s Guard. Its location on a high hill above the Kolpa River provided reliable protection during the period of the Turks-Osman interventions. According to historical documents, the Kostel had its own court. The castle was located at the border of the Habsburgs possessions and at the intersection of important trade routes that connected Krajna with Kvarner (a current region of Croatia).