The International Scientific and Practical Conference on Information Technologies OTS 2018 to Take Place at the University of Maribor

On 19–20 June 2018, the Faculty of Electrical Engineering, Computer Science and Informatics of the University of Maribor will host the traditional 23-rd International Scientific and Practical Conference OTS-2018 dedicated to the Modern Information Technologies and Services. The organiser of the two-day conference is the Institute of Informatics that operates within the structure of the faculty.

The relevant topics of the current conference include Information Technology and Services, Blockchain Technology, Cloud Services, Information and Cyber Security, Analogue Solutions, Large Databases, Modern Web Technologies as well as Examples of Using Artificial Intelligence and Machine Learning. The conference will present a panorama of current events and assess the ways of development for modern information solutions and services. In addition, solutions will be offered to the issues faced by IT specialists in their professional activities.

More than 220 people will take part in the conference. Over 50 programmers and IT professionals who successfully sell their expertise, solutions and services for global markets from Australia, Russia, Iran, EU countries and Switzerland to the United States and South America will share their experience in said spheres. Participants will discuss numerous topical issues and advanced technological solutions in the field of Informatics, will assess the practical potential and achievements of modern information technologies.

Besides, participants will be able to deepen their knowledge on three thematic workshops on Blockchain Technology introduced as part of the ARK open source ecosystem, Web Application Security with an emphasis on the OWASP TOP 10, as well as issues related to the Compliance with European Union Regulatory Act— General Data Protection Regulation, GDPR.

Organisers promise a highly charged event, which will feature a wide range of knowledge and practical experience. Nike Zorjan will become an enjoyable musical gift to the participants of the conference.