The International Fermi Masterclass 2019 Is Held at the University of Nova Gorica

On Thursday, 4 April 2019, the international Fermi Masterclass 2019 for secondary school students was held at the Faculty of Natural Sciences of the University of Nova Gorica in the university premises in Ajdovščina. The masterclass was devoted to the study of supermassive black holes and the latest discoveries in a new, rapidly developing field – multichannel astronomy.

During the masterclass, students analysed data from the NASA Satellite Fermi. At the end of the event, they were able to talk on Skype with a NASA scientist. The masterclass was simultaneously held in Italy (at the universities of Bari, Perugia, Rome, Turin and Trieste) and in the United States of America (Jacksonville).

In Slovenia, the seminar was organised by the Centre for Astrophysics and Cosmology of the University of Nova Gorica in collaboration with an international group of scientists working on the NASA Satellite Fermi project. The orbital satellite was launched in 2008 and is located at an altitude of 550 kilometres above the Earth. This satellite captures high-energy gamma-rays coming from space, allowing the study of high-intensity cosmic phenomena – from the matter existing in black holes to the super-power explosions in the Universe.