The Highest Spruce in Central Europe Grows in Slovenia

The highest spruce in Central Europe grows in Slovenia. It is the European spruce Sgermova smreka, 61.8 metres high, growing in the settlement of Zgornja Orlica (Pohorje region). Its age is 300 years. The diameter of the trunk is 113 cm.

The largest tree in the country is the Najevska linden tree growing near the settlement of Črna na Koroškem. The diameter of its crown is 13.5 metres, and the diameter of the trunk is 3.5 metres. The age of the Najevska linden tree is approximately 750 years, and the height—24 metres.

The oldest tree in Slovenia is a larch growing in the Male Pišnice valley (the Upper Sava valley). Its height is 22 metres, and the approximate age is 800–1,000 years.

For comparison, the tallest tree in the world is a 115-metre high sequoia growing in the Redwood National Park (California, USA).

It is worth noting that the forests cover 58.3% of the territory of Slovenia. According to this indicator, it is among the seven most “wooded” countries in Europe, together with Sweden, Finland, Estonia, Latvia, Spain and Portugal. Only in Ljubljana, there are about 65,000 trees growing, including over 180 species with a height of 5 to 20 metres. There are 542 m2 of vegetation per one inhabitant of Ljubljana. The largest tree in Ljubljana is a maple-tree growing near the Cankar Culture Centre. The diameter of its trunk is 638 centimetres.