The High Quality of Education in Slovenia Is Recognized Abroad

Master Anastazija Avsec, who worked as the Headmaster of the Kapela basic school in the settlement of Radenci, has given an interview to Delo. She states in the interview that the high quality of education in Slovenia is recognized abroad. The level of the language and accessible exchange programmes allows pupils, students and teachers to participate in intercultural communication, international programmes and projects, and to improve their qualifications abroad.

Currently, Avsec works as an Assistant to the Headmaster of the European School in Frankfurt and is actively involved in the EU educational space. Back in 2005, she first participated in the qualification upgrading courses organized for Slovene teachers in Switzerland.

“I was aware of a special value of the international cooperation for the school and myself. We, being a small rural school, managed to get acquainted with the opportunities provided by Europe and use them,” says Anastazija Avsec.

Participation in international exchange programmes turned out to be crucial for her career. In the autumn 2017, she took up the post of the headmaster assistant for junior classes at the European School in Frankfurt. Thus, she can more objectively compare the school systems in Slovenia and the EU.

The Delo journalist was mainly interested in the main differences between the schools in Slovenia and the European School in Frankfurt.

“It may sound strange, but I was surprised that the European School did not have a school feeding system with a common for us way of arrangement (obligatory lunch and dinner at school). Children bring food in plastic plates, which are often forgotten and then found by the guards, and parents complain. Concerning the quality of education, I came to the conclusion that the education system in Slovenia was at a high level and our children received a good basis for further education.”