The Fountain of Wines to Be Opened in Maribor

A new unique attraction will soon appear in Maribor – the Fountain of Wines. This project has been implemented for 15 months in the Sončni raj household in the suburbs of Maribor – Vodole. The project budget amounted to 200 thousand euros. The entire amount was completely provided by the household.

The test launch of the Fountain is scheduled for November 2019. The ribbon-cutting ceremony must be held before the Christmas and New Year holidays. The Fountain of Wines will become part of the Maribor wine tourist route, which starts at the Old Vine House in the city centre and leads to the Sončni raj household.

Household owner Bogdan Mak and his wife are betting on organic farming, beekeeping and sustainable tourism. This year, they will also include the Fountain of Wines into their tourist offer. The family investment will combine six local winemakers with six different types of wine in one place. “Each guest will be able to choose – whether to taste the same wine six times or try all six types,” Bogdan Mak explains. The glass will have a built-in chip, which will count guest tastings. After six tastings, the Fountain will automatically turn off. The Fountain of Wines will also offer two soft drinks as it is designed for guests with children.

According to the calculations of the household owners, in the first year of operation, the Fountain of Wines will be visited by 7 to 10 thousand tourists. In the future, they hope this figure will increase.