The Fifth Southeast Europe and the Western Balkans Rectors’ Forum Is Held at the University of Ljubljana

The University of Ljubljana hosted the Fifth Southeast Europe and the Western Balkans Rectors’ Forum. The event was attended by 30 rectors and other representatives of the universities of Southeast Europe and the Western Balkans, who collaborate in the field of education, research, knowledge transfer, and participation in European projects. A new participant – Jagiellonian University (Poland) – has joined the Rectors Forum.

The Forum was held in the Zbornična Dvorana Hall. Among other things, the participants of the event got acquainted with the Eutopia project, which is led by the University of Ljubljana. The official implementation of this project began on 1 December 2019.

The University of Ljubljana is the only institution among the EU13 initiative countries participating in the first pilot competition Erasmus+ 2019: Evropske Univerze, which received the right to implement the European project called EUTOPIA – European Universities Transforming to an Open Inclusive Academy for 2050 with a budget of 6 million euros in coordinator status. The aim of the project is to prepare a long-term strategy for reforming the university in accordance with modern practices and approaches in the knowledge market, which is designed to improve the interaction of all four sectors: research, education, innovation and the transfer of knowledge to the society.