The Famous in Europe Ljubljana Celica Art Hostel Opens after Reconstruction

On Sunday, 1 July 2018, the Ljubljana Celica Art Hostel, which in the early 2000s was transformed from prison into one of the most famous hostels in Europe, again opened its doors to guests. Over the past six months, the hostel was renovated for the amount of 1 million euros.

Celica Art Hostel was closed in January after a major dispute involving the municipality of Ljubljana, its owner, as well as the tenant and the staff. The authorities wanted to sell the building, and even held an auction, which, incidentally, ended in failure.

As a result, it was decided that the hostel would be managed by Ljubljanski Grad, a company owned by the municipality of Ljubljana. At the same time, the institution will organize various cultural events, including music concerts on Tuesdays. During the summer, jazz concerts will be held in the garden near the hostel each Friday.

Before being rescued from demolition and converted into a hostel, the building served as a prison for over 100 years. Today it also features a gallery and a small museum dedicated to its sinister history. Despite the fact that the Celica Art Hostel was thoroughly reconstructed, 20 unique prison cells on the first floor designed by Slovenian and foreign artists, remained virtually untouched.