The Faculty of Energy Technology of the University of Maribor Participates in the Project on Environmental Education for Schoolchildren

The Faculty of Energy Technology of the University of Maribor is a partner of the ERASMUS+ project called Back to Nature, which is devoted to the development of innovative study material for environmental education.

The aim of the project, which also involves partners from Hungary and Romania, is to develop training materials for teachers of basic schools, with the help of which they will be able to deepen the current knowledge of 9–11 years old schoolchildren on environmental upbringing.

This material consists of 3 blocks. The first block is the theoretical background, which is intended for teachers of various subjects. With its help, they will receive basic knowledge about environmental education. The second block contains methodological recommendations for the implementation of practical part, which, in turn, is the essence of the third block. It includes thoroughly prepared training exercises on the following topics: the conditions of daily life in an urban environment, healthy lifestyle, biological diversity, and environmental education in a global context.

It should be noted that less than in 10 days, on 20 April, the submission of applications to the University of Maribor for the 2018/2019 academic year will be completed. At the current stage of submitting documents, entrants are required only to file their applications and the available documents. Then, in June–July, they will need to add originals of certificates/diplomas with the results of final examinations. 2TM experts can provide a detailed consultation on the process of admission and study programmes offered by this university to its applicants.

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