The Faculty of Electrical Engineering of the University of Maribor Successfully Completes the Creative Workshop on the Internet of Things at Home, Smart Places and Space

On Thursday, 4 April 2019, the creative workshop on the Internet of Things at Home, Smart Places and Space ended at the Faculty of Electrical Engineering, Computer Science and Informatics of the University of Maribor. The participants – selected talented students of gymnasiums and secondary vocational schools in Eastern Slovenia – received personal certificates. The students represented the Second Gymnasium of Maribor, the Slovenska Bistrica Secondary School and the Trbovlje Secondary Vocational School.

The creative workshop was held under the RaST (Razvojno Središče Talentov – Environment for the Development of Talents) project, which is co-financed by the Republic of Slovenia and the EU (at the expense of the European Social Fund).

The creative workshop (mentor – Lucija Brezočnik) was organised by three institutes – the Institute of Computer Science, the Institute of Automation and the Institute of Electronics and Telecommunications (Domen Verber, Aleš Čep, Bojan Hadjar, Milan Rotovnik, Nenad Muškinja, Iztok Kramberger, Sašo Karakatič and Grega Vrbančič).

The participants of the creative workshop gained basic knowledge about the Internet of Things, the use of sensors and electronic devices, various ways of wireless communication between devices, cloud computing, smart homes and smart places, as well as the assembly and remote control of a mobile platform.