The Faculty of Economics of the University of Ljubljana Holds a Lecture by an Expert in Asian Marketing

On Monday, 7 January 2019, Professor Kim Shan Fam, a specialist in Asian marketing, gave a lecture at the Faculty of Economics of the University of Ljubljana on the role of Marketing in Working with Asian Consumers: It Takes Much Time to Establish Relations and Trust Within this Market. The lecture was organised by the Confucius Institute in Ljubljana.

During the lecture, Kim Shan Fam emphasized the importance of knowledge of local customs, traditions, values and religious beliefs for the successful promotion of goods and services.

Among other things, the lecturer drew an analogy between the lecture topic and the chopsticks traditionally used during meals. If to apply the chopsticks to the business world, the first stick personifies business goals, strategies, positioning, trust, loyalty and reciprocity, and the second stick means a deep respect for local customs, traditions, religious beliefs, ethics and decencies.