The European Regional Development Fund to Allocate Almost 3 Million Euros for the Triglav Park Enhancement

According to the decision of the Government Office for Development and European Cohesion Policy, the project on the Improvement of the Status of Species and Populations in the Triglav National Park – Top of the Julian Alps will receive European funds. The project budget will make almost 3.7 million euros, 2.9 million euros of which will be provided by the European Regional Development Fund.

These funds will be used to maintain biodiversity and develop the Triglav National Park with an area of 303 hectares, as well as to promote the park, protect the cultural heritage, and develop the local tourism, agriculture and forestry.

According to the Ministry of Environment, “peaceful” territories will be organized in the most vulnerable areas of the Triglav National Park (Triglav surroundings, Mangart Saddle, Pokljuka) to help ensure the safety of the local fauna (squirrels, wild roosters, three-toed woodpeckers, hazel grouses, Alpine newts, etc.)

The project will involve the Triglav National Park state institution, the Society for the Observation and Study of Birds of Slovenia, the Chamber of Agriculture and Forestry of Slovenia – the Department of Agriculture and Forestry of Kranj, the Tolmin Municipality, the Alpine Association of Slovenia, the Bohinj Tourism Development Centre, the Environmental Protection Agency, the Forestry Development Agency, and the Fisheries Management of the country.