The European Commission Announces a Student Competition to Draw Travel Passes for Railway Routes throughout the EU

From 12 to 26 June 2018, Slovenian students take part in the European Commission lottery competition to draw 60 free travel passes for railway routes throughout the EU. The competition is part of the DiscoverEU programme and aims to explore the diversity and cultural richness of the EU countries, strengthen the common European identity, and search for new friends. In total, 15,000 travel passes will be given to students of the EU countries.

60 Slovenian students-winners of the competition will be able to travel to the EU countries from the end of June to the end of October this year. Requirements for participation in the competition: be 18 years and over (on 1 June 2018), have EU citizenship, be ready for trips this summer.

Registration is open from 12 to 26 June 2018 under the link.

Selected candidates can travel by themselves or in a group of up to five people, mostly by train. Since the year of 2018 is declared the European Year of Cultural Heritage, students will be able to participate in numerous events organized throughout Europe. For the most part students will be travelling by rail and in some cases by buses, ferries and airplanes.

It should be noted that this autumn, the European Commission will allocate 5,000 additional travel passes for young people, and thus will allow traveling around Europe for 20,000 students.

If the EU member states and the European Parliament support the project of the European Commission aimed at including this initiative in the Erasmus programme, then in 2021–2027, another 1.5 million students will be able to travel across Europe.