The Emona Festival: Sounds of Flute, Clarinet and Saxophone

The festival at the Conservatory of Music and Ballet will last until 20 January 2018. The event has been held since 2011 and is devoted mainly to wind instruments. In 2018, the focus is on flute, clarinet and saxophone.

The contest programme of the festival is held in five age categories. The fifth category is intended for students of art academies. The competition differs from other similar events according to principle of its arrangement. Clarinettists, flutists and saxophonists compete within each age category. According to the organizers, the styles of the performing contestants are thereby better manifested and new musical talents are discovered.

The chairperson of the jury is a composer and a professor of the Academy of Music (Ljubljana) Dušan Bavdek. The jury members are Shirley Brill (clarinet), Ana Domančić Krstulović (flute), Ognjen Popović (clarinet), Hansgeorg Schmeiser (flute), Jan Schulte-Bunert (saxophone) and Alicja Wolynczyk (saxophone). The orchestra of the Slovenian Philharmonic will take part in the final performance.

A number of concerts will take place as well as part of the festival. On Thursday, 18 January, finalists of the fifth category with the orchestra of the Slovenian Philharmonic (conductor Slaven Kulenović) will perform. On Friday, there will be a performance by the laureates. On Saturday, the final concert of participants on the class of flute, clarinet and saxophone will take place.