The Eleventh Roman Games Take Place in Ptuj

In mid-August, the streets and squares of the oldest city in the country, Ptuj, were filled with gladiators, legionaries, senators, vestals and other “citizens of Rome”. For the eleventh year in a row, the cultural and historical event has been organized by the local society Poetovio LXIX, relocating its participants and spectators 2000 years back, when the current Ptuj (then Poetovio) was a powerful city – first a fort, and later – a major commercial and industrial centre. The city is first mentioned in written sources almost 1950 years ago – around 69 AD.

For several days, the atmosphere of Ancient Rome of the era of Emperor Vespasian (1st century AD) reigned in the city. Over 700 costumed actors presented the life and customs of Ancient Rome.

The eleventh Roman Games began with the opening of the Roman camp Poetovio on Štukih (in Slovene: na Štukih). The next day, an exciting evening event was held. On Saturday morning, 18 August, a costumed procession passed through the city streets. It later participated in the theatrical performance, which was held at the city market and near the monument to Orpheus. On Sunday, 19 August, the family leisure activities and creative workshops for children were held. This year, the organizers again have opened a 3-day Roman camp for children, where the young guests of the festival were able to entertain themselves as real “Romans”. Besides, the guests of the Roman Games enjoyed dishes and drinks from the era of ancient Rome, and tried on the clothes of the then inhabitants of the Eternal City.