The DOBA Faculty Publishes a Collective Scientific Monograph

The DOBA Faculty publishes a new collective scientific monograph “Linking Business and Communication: From a Sparkle to a Flame.” The editor is an employee of the faculty—Pedja Ašanin Gole.

The monograph contains 13 chapters written by 25 authors from Slovenia, Macedonia and Turkey. This scientific work considers topical issues of international business, entrepreneurship, strategic communication and project management. The monograph offers a general review of the literature on the above areas and presents the results of studies that illustrate their specific semantic content.

The monograph was prepared within the framework of the joint project of the DOBA Faculty, the Skopje School for Journalism and Public Relations (Macedonia), and the University of Istanbul (Turkey) funded by the Erasmus+ programme. The e-PROFMAN project deals with the development of professional online programmes in the field of innovation management, leadership and strategic communication. With the exception of 2 chapters, the remaining 11 chapters were written by the teachers of all 3 higher educational institutions involved in the project, which brings a wide range of views and experiences obtained in various cultural, economic and social settings. As stressed in the university, the contents of the monograph will be used by teachers of the DOBA faculty as an integral part of the educational literature within their subjects.