The DOBA Faculty Draws the Results of the International Virtual Project on the Development of Intercultural Competences

The DOBA Faculty has successfully completed the international virtual project – Virtual Communication Across Cultures @home, which was implemented in collaboration with Stenden University (Holland). The project covered intercultural communication and focused on the importance of intercultural competences for employment and successful work, hidden meanings of words, direct and indirect communication, cultural connotations, communication styles, and constructive resolution of intercultural conflicts.

The goal of the Virtual Communication Across Cultures @home project was to enable students to internationalize and develop intercultural competencies, while the goal of Stenden University was to provide the first virtual experience for students.

The project involved 27 students from Holland, Germany, Algeria, Zimbabwe, Pakistan, Mexico, Italy, Bulgaria, Bonaire (Caribbean Islands), Croatia, and Slovenia. Teachers – Marijke Boven (Holland), Nikki Webster (Great Britain), Svetlana Buko (Russia), and Nataša Ritonija (Slovenia) took part in the project as well. The first two teachers represented Stenden University, while the second two – the DOBA Faculty. The project was coordinated by Master Vesna Kolenc Potočnik and Nina Turčin, while Mina Mazouzi became an online student mentor – all of them work at the DOBA Faculty.