The Day of Wine and Chocolate to Take Place under the Auspices of the Primorska University Student Organization

On 31 March 2018, from 4:00 pm to 11:00 pm, an entertainment event “The Day of Wine and Chocolate” will be held in Taverna (Koper, Titov trg, 3) under the auspices of the Primorska University Student Organization. Participants will be able to taste several brands of wines presented by the producers of the Slovenian Istria region, as well as to try chocolates and chocolate desserts.

The purpose of the event is to introduce young people to different brands of wines and the process of their production, to tastes and smells of wine, and to demonstrate the harmony of its combination with desserts.

The event will be held for the fifth time in a row. Nine winemakers will take part in the event: Ekološko posestvo Vina Montis and Eko Laura, Vina Bordon, Kmetija Jogan, Domačija Ražman, Vina Zaro, Vinska klet Rakar, Vinska klet Plahuta, Ekološko vinogradništvo Rodica and Vinska klet Kralj. Such companies as Iridis Sweets, Sladki Cekini, La Chocolate, 20chocolate, ChocoMe, Mojač, Čokoladnica Da Ponte and Kavarna in slaščičarna Triglav will provide chocolate desserts for the guests of the event.

Tasting of wines and chocolate desserts will be available by coupons. The price of one coupon is 50 eurocents. Part of the collected funds will go to the Fund for Support of Students from Socially Vulnerable Populations working on the basis of the University of Primorska.

The programme of the event, in addition to tasting and entertainment, will include two more workshops. The participants will try their hand at “blind” tasting of wines and desserts, and the best tasters will receive valuable prizes.

Before and after the main event of the Day of Wine and Chocolate, the organizers will hold 3 more free workshops, in which their participants will get acquainted with the culture of wine drinking and chocolate production. On Wednesday, 27 March, a workshop on wine tasting with sommeliers was held. On 4 April, a workshop on how to cook chocolate desserts will take place. On 9 April, a business workshop on the art of chocolate production with the participation of mojač representatives will be organised.

The project is co-financed by the municipality of Koper. The project partner is the Slovenian Istria Association of Wine Growers.

It should be noted that winemaking is one of the brand identities of Slovenia. Many students choose the art of winemaking as their future profession. Read about the experience of studying on the Viticulture and Oenology programme in an interview with the student Elizaveta Popova.