The Conservatory of Music and Ballet Is Renovated in Ljubljana

At the end of October 2019, the renovated premises of the Conservatory of Music and Ballet were opened in Ljubljana. The repair and restoration works, which lasted 14 months, were caused by the need to replace the roof and renovate the modern concert hall with excellent acoustics. The work budget amounted to over 4 million euros without VAT.

The 168-seat concert hall is located in a two-story building lined with acoustic wood panels, which are located at different angles. Angles and perforations reflect or absorb various sound frequencies. Seven different types of mineral wool were used as the acoustic material. The auxiliary and final fencing consists of wood only and over 300 acoustic panels, which provide suitable sound in accordance with the most stringent criteria for concert halls.

To date, music classes are already held in the renovated premises. Besides the existing classrooms, during the repair and renovation works, three new ones were additionally equipped on the attic floor. Moreover, static readjustment was carried out, fire ladders and a raked stage were installed.