The Centre for Transport Economics, Faculty of Civil Engineering, Transportation and Architecture, University of Maribor Becomes a Partner of the AlpinnoCT International Project

On 19-20 November 2019, the representative office of the Federal State of Bavaria in Brussels hosted the final conference of the Interreg Alpine Space AlpinnoCT project on Joint Efforts to Organise Combined Transport in the Alpine Region. During the event, an intensive discussion and presentation of innovative solutions as project results were held.

The event was attended by combined transport experts; persons responsible for the transport policy of the European Union and countries of the Alpine region; NGO representatives; persons interested in combined transport; and mass media representatives.

The project, based on the knowledge, experience and models used to increase performance in production/industrial processes and transfer them to the field of combined transport, was implemented with the aim of increasing the efficiency of combined transport and facilitating the transfer of goods from the road transport system to the railway transportation. A critical review of existing strategies, policies and measures was conducted.

The project resulted in recommendations for the development of combined transport to increase the competitiveness and efficiency aimed at the sustainable development of combined transport in the Alpine region. With the active participation of key players in combined transport in the Alpine region, the project participants identified shortcomings and proposed solutions. The audit was carried out as part of pilot projects within European transport corridors.