The Centre for Linguistic Sources and Technologies of the University of Ljubljana Develops the First Version of the Online Dictionary of Slovene Synonyms

The Centre for Linguistic Sources and Technologies of the University of Ljubljana, working on the development of the Slovene language in the digital age, developed the first version of the electronic Dictionary of Synonyms for Modern Literary Slovene Language.

The largest collection of Slovene language synonyms in open access contains 105,000 words and 360,000 synonyms. The new dictionary is the largest electronic collection of the Slovene language synonyms, which is publicly available and keeps growing in size. It is constantly being improved and edited in accordance with the changes in the Slovene language.

The collection is based on the data of the Oxford-DZS Great English-Slovenian Dictionary and the Gigafida information directory of the Slovenian literary language. These sources contain language material that appeared after 1991, thus giving an idea of the modern Slovene language appearance. During the creation of the Electronic Dictionary, the selected references were further verified using the old version of the Slovene Literary Dictionary.

Various groups of users like translators, professional and semi-professional text writers (journalists, literary critics, scientists, and bloggers), lecturers, teachers of basic and secondary schools in language subjects and teachers of Slovenian as a second or foreign language experience the need for easily accessible and up-to-date information on synonyms.

Compilers want to present the dictionary to the widest possible audience. Among other things, they would like to encourage various users to help in its design.