The Business Logistics Day 2019 To Be Held at the Faculty of Economics of the University of Ljubljana

Economics of the University of Ljubljana.

During the event, the following issues will be discussed:

  1. the future of merchandise shelves,
  2. the competencies of a purchasing agent today and in 5 years,
  3. negotiations and their role in achieving success.

Introductory lectures will be delivered by Business Logistics Assistant, Dr. Marko Budler; Leader of the Business Logistics study programme, Assoc. Prof. Dr. Jure Erjavec; and President of the Slovenian Purchasing Association, Marina Lindič.

The following reports will be presented as part of the event:

  1. Cooperation with Suppliers or the Day of Purchasing Manager (at 05:10 p.m., by Executive Director for Procurement, Marko Lekše, Adria Mobil);
  2. Client’s Opinion in the Evaluation of Retail Products and Its Impact on Cooperation with Suppliers (at 05:35 p.m., by Project Manager, Mitja Šimenc, Mercator);
  3. Procurement of the Future and Future Competencies of Purchasing Agents (at 06:00 p.m., by Director for Procurement of Business Units in the Adriatic Region and Italy, Marina Lindič, URSA).

Free admission. Mandatory pre-registration is open until 17 April 2019. Available places are limited.