The Bloomberg Agency Includes Slovenia in the List of 22 Most Attractive Destinations for Tourists

The well-known American news agency Bloomberg included Slovenia into the list of 22 most attractive destinations for tourists worth visiting in 2018. The agency calls the country the “second Iceland.”

“This pristine mountain playground has leaped out of obscurity as a host of fiercely creative locals cast a spotlight on its extraordinary natural bounty,” the journalists note. They single out the alpinist Ales Cesen, who will soon participate in the opening of the Climbing Academy. In its framework, he will offer customized expeditions through the Julian Alps.

The Agency also allocates Lake Bled and the labyrinthine Škocjan cave system as the key places for tourists to visit. It recommends the recently opened Intercontinental Hotel in Ljubljana and the restaurant Hiša Franko, where the world’s best female chef of 2017, Ana Roš, works. Bloomberg figuratively calls her “the country’s first lady.”

The Agency recommends visiting Slovenia in late May–June, when everything is green.

Other world’s best destinations in 2018, according to Bloomberg, are Salvador (Brazil), St. Kitts (Federation of St. Kitts and Nevis), Chilean Patagonia, Borneo, Jordan, Dundee (Scotland), Cambodia, Georgia, Abu Dhabi (UAE), Namibia, Singapore, Los Angeles (United States), Florence (Italy), Fiji, South Korea, Washington (United States), Los Cabos (Mexico), New Orleans (United States), Southern Tanzania, Copenhagen (Denmark), and Tunisia.