The Beauty of Slovenia: Štanjel – The Pearl of the Littoral Region

Štanjel is a small picturesque settlement named after Saint Daniel. Founded back in 1402, Štanjel impresses with its architecture. Externally, the greyish tint of house walls in the settlement preserves the legacy of six centuries. The strategic location was determined by the fact that the settlement was a stronghold for repelling the attacks of the Ottoman Turks, the Venetians, and the Austrian forces of the Hapsburg Monarchy.

Attractions of Štanjel include the Ferrari Garden, the ancient church of St. Daniel, and the Štanjel Castle. The Ferrari Garden, which is more like a landscape park, was designed by the famous Italian architect Max Fabiani. This is the most popular tourist spot in Štanjel. The garden is named after a friend of the architect, a doctor from Trieste, Enrico Ferrari, who proposed the idea of developing a garden, which became not only a decoration of the settlement but also part of the local water supply system.

The most picturesque part of the garden is the swimming pool with a bridge, a corner of Venice in the Littoral Region of Slovenia. In the park, you can walk along the sightseeing trail, breathe the fresh air of Karst, enjoy the panorama of green hills and experience the rhythm of local life.

A permanent exhibition of works by the famous Slovenian artist Lojze Spacal is open in the ethnological museum of Štanjel. The museum organizes lectures, various cultural events. Wedding ceremonies are held here, especially in Spring.

The old church of St. Daniel, which was built in the 15th century and restored in 1609, cannot be ignored. Just a couple of steps and you are already in the courtyard of the castle, where you can see the original five-sided staircases. The Štanjel Castle gained its present appearance and the size in the Middle Ages. For a century and a half, the Austrian noble family of Cobenzl owned the castle. During World War I, the castle served as a hospital, and later Max Fabiani redesigned it into the town hall.

The castle is open to the public all year round. Only in winter, the schedule is somewhat shortened. All the necessary information can be obtained from the Štanjel Tourist Information Centre. A tour around the settlement costs only 5 EUR for adults and 2 EUR for persons with disabilities, pensioners, students, and schoolchildren.

The guests of Štanjel have a possibility of parking in front of the entrance to the settlement at the specially intended parking lots.

Visiting Štanjel in the spring, you can enjoy the wild tastes of Karst. At this time, the aroma of dishes made of local herbs and vegetables reigns in the castle. There is also no shortage of asparagus dishes. Alcohol lovers can try liqueurs and other spirits. The tasting costs 5 EUR. It runs until 30 April 2019.

It should be added that on 2 May 2019, the Kraška Gmajna Festival will be held in Štanjel. The festival is dedicated to the life and work of Max Fabiani. Admission fee is 4.5 EUR. In June 2019, the Grajsko Poletje thematic event, the Sivke Festival, and many other mass entertainment events will take place in Štanjel. Thus, we assure that nobody will be bored in Štanjel and Karst!