The Beauty of Slovenia: Kozjak Waterfall

The 15-metre Kozjak waterfall is one of the most famous sights of Kobarid. It is hidden among the rocks and surrounded by steep walls. The contrast between the mirror-water, the blue-green colour of the basin, and the dark walls of the mountains create a truly unique look. Kozjak is considered the most picturesque waterfall in Slovenia.

The path to the Kozjak waterfall and back has a length of 3.5 kilometres. The whole trip takes about one hour and, if you go around the Soča River, then a little longer. You can go to the waterfall with children. Only at the end of the path and at the waterfall you need to be careful and watch them. Besides, you need to be careful here in the winter and after heavy rains. In the summer months, the waterfall is massively visited by tourists, although you can visit it at any time of the year.

You can get to the waterfall if you drive from Kobarid in the direction of the settlement of Drežnica. Soon after Kobarid, having passed the Napoleon Bridge across Soča, you need to turn left and park a few metres in a well-developed parking lot near the road. The parking is paid (visiting the waterfall is free for everyone). Then, walking on a sunny meadow, after about 600 metres you will reach the emerald beauty – Soča River. Passing another 400 metres along the river, you will turn right towards the hill where the Kozjak stream flows. A slightly uneven path through a 700-metre-long forest will lead you to the beautiful stone bridge built in 1895. Under it, you can observe the 8-metre-high Mali Kozjak waterfall. Passing a little to the right and carefully crossing wooden bridges, especially if you are with children, you will see how the gap between the rocks is getting narrower and narrower. Passing on the left side and turning the corner, you will be lost for words.

You will open the natural “hall”, where the Kozjak waterfall falls into the greenish basin. This is the Great Kozjak, 15 metres high. For many years, the top of the rock was “processed” by the Kozjak stream, part of the peak collapsed, and now sunlight penetrates the “hall” making the waterfall even more beautiful and brighter.

To return from the waterfall to the parking lot, follow the same road. If you take a bypass route, you can reach the Lazar Camping. At the campsite, there is a restaurant where you can eat. The restaurant is famous for its pancakes. Not far from the Napoleon Bridge, there is Koren Camping, where you can also eat and spend the night. If you want to stay in Kobarid for a few days, you will certainly discover all the beauties of the Soča valley.