The Academy Maribor Vocational Education College Hosts a Lecture by the Junior d.o.o. Director

The Academy Maribor Vocational Education College held a lecture by the Director of Junior d.o.o., Ivan Dobaj. The event was held as part of the Fundamentals of Financial Management for Business subject for students of the Economist study programme.

During the lecture, Ivan Dobaj spoke about the history of buy-out, the development and promotion of the business model known as the Takos trademark. Students had an opportunity to learn about the financial, commercial and personnel problems that an entrepreneur can face in practice as well as their fast and successful solutions.

Ivan Dobaj also presented his vision of the future – his own Lonche franchise model, in which the investor, by investing fund, receives a control over the professionally designed premises, as well as the knowledge, experience and support for his/her independent business activity as a supplier of high-quality Mexican food on the go.

After the presentation, students asked about the lecturer’s experience in attracting financial resources and managing the company’s cash flow, as well as received an answer to the question about the most significant problems in working with clients.