The 60th Memorial March “Along the Barbed Wire” in Ljubljana

From 5 to 7 May 2016, the 60th in a row Memorial March “Along the Barbed Wire” (Pot ob žici) will take place as part of the Ljubljana’s City Holiday celebration. Three flags are devoted to the anniversary. Each of them has its personal way of representing the story of the March along the road fenced in barbed wire during the Second World War. 

From 15 April to 16 May 2016, the open air gallery on the Krakovo Embankment (Krakovski nasip) holds a photo exhibition “The Path of Remembrance and Comradeship” prepared by the Timing Ljubljana organization in cooperation with Turizmom Ljubljana.

The exhibition describes the Path of Remembrance and Comradeship, which encircles Ljubljana — the European Green Capital — with its green areas and 7,000 trees, and where for the past six decades with each person walking, marching or running the past meets the future.

Залишки стіни з колючим дротом Музей новітньої історії Словенії

The remainders of a wall with barbed wire, runners with rifles and backpacks, 1958. Photo by Milosh Shvabich, the Museum of the Recent History of Slovenia

At the City Museum of Ljubljana, the exhibition “Ljubljana in the Barbed Wire Circle” (Ljubljana v obroču bodeče žice 1942-1945) is opened until 22 May 2016. It demonstrates a special form of terror that Ljubljana experienced during the Italian occupation in the Second World War.

The decision of the occupation forces to encircle the city with barbed wire, bunkers, machine gun nests and minefields was unique in the invaded Europe at that time.

The defence system of the city created an unusual picture of the Ljubljana landscape and its immediate surroundings, which are present at the exhibition within a palette of interesting photos.

A series of exhibitions dedicated to the 60th anniversary of the March along the Barbed Wire is rounded up by the Tomaž Alauf’s exhibition “The Passion Called the Path” (“Tomaž Alauf: Strast, imenovana Pohod”), which is on display in the Ljubljana Galeriji Kresija until 15 May 2016.

The exhibition will take us through the history of the March, show the milestones in the construction of the Path, and with models present the monuments marking the route of the March. The exhibition features commemorative recognitions, certificates, plaques, pins and other objects that the participants of the March have received since 1957 up until now.

A special place at the exhibition is devoted to 80-year-old Anton Mojcnu-Zvone, who is a participant of all the previous Marches and still remains an active runner. He entered his name into the history of the March in 1957 as one of the five winners. During the subsequent years, he won many awards for his achievements in trio running.

The 60th March “Pot ob žici”

Again, this year on 9 May, we are marking the City Holiday of Ljubljana with the March along the Barbed Wire held from 5 to 7 May 2016. The March along the Barbed Wire (Pohod po Poti ob žici) runs on the almost 35-kilometre long route around Ljubljana, where during the Second World War, the barbed wire fences were put up by the Italian and later German occupiers.

Похід Шлях вздовж дроту

Today, the March “Along the Barbed Wire” still evokes memories of the time when Ljubljana was surrounded by the barbed wire

Each year, the children from Ljubljana’s kindergartens, who start walking the route on Thursday, 5 May, traditionally open the March. A day later, they are followed by pupils from primary and secondary schools. Then, on Saturday, 7 May, the Path is going to be occupied by walking enthusiasts and runners from the Teka trojk. The Saturday part of the March is open to everyone since any person can choose a distance from 3 to 35 kilometres and thus, determine the distance taking into account his or her skills and capabilities. Starting from 06:00 AM and later, each participant can be registered at the entry control stands (Vič, Šiška, Bežigrad, Jarše, Polje, Fužine, and Rudnik in Livada), where he or she will receive a control card necessary to collect stamps at the next stands. The objectives will be open until 5:00 PM. Each participant can walk as long as he can. Those who manage to complete the entire route receive a special medal.

On Saturday, runners from the Teka trojk will also start the 12.5 or 29-kilometer long distance of the Path. The senior and veteran categories of runners will also include primary and secondary school students, who will cover a distance of 3,000 meters.

Tek trojk is a unique type of running event, during which a threesome has to constantly run together, and the time of the last member crossing the finish line is taken into account. Such a competition encourages mutual assistance and solidarity among runners as the time of the weakest member of the team counts. Therefore, the other two members, who are perhaps better prepared, have to help, encourage and motivate him.

You can learn more about the current March at the following website:

Zero Waste Zaveza

Right before the March anniversary, the Municipality of Ljubljana and the Snaga and Timing Ljubljana organizations signed the Zero Waste Zavezo Agreement. According to its provisions, the parties together with the participants want to ensure a healthy and clean environment, within which the event will be held in 2016. A sustainable management of the environment and the Ljubljana’s title of the “European Green Capital 2016” (Zelena prestolnica Evrope 2016) oblige the parties to hold this event without wastes (ZeroWaste). It is believed that such attitude contributes to a greater purity of the environment, efficient use of resources, and a lower carbon footprint.

The March routes, running tracks along the wire, and snack bars will be equipped with special containers for packaging and bio-wastes. The start and finish of the distance will also have containers for paper. Eventually, the garbage will be separately divided between the containers, and the nature will remain pure. The wastes disposed in the RCERO Ljubljana Centre will again be available for useful exploitation.

Zero Waste zaveza (pdf, 373 kB)