The 2ТМ Seminar Devoted to the Specific Features of the 2019/2020 Enrolment Campaign Is Held in Saint Petersburg

On Monday, 4 February 2019, the 2TM seminar on Education in Slovenia – Apply on Time! was held at the Saint Petersburg Library “Na Stremiannoi”. Reading the title of the event, it is not difficult to guess that the main topic of the seminar was dedicated to the specific features of the 2019/2020 enrolment campaign. The seminar was conducted by the head of the Russian representative office of the 2TM company in Saint Petersburg, Ksenia Balashova.

The key issues of the seminar included the deadlines for submitting applications for admission, the number of places for foreigners in the study programmes of leading universities, the specifics of the competition, and the applicant’s actions in case of failing to timely submit an application in the first round. It is gratifying that both those who heard about 2ТM for the first time, and those who already knew our company from the past events came to our seminar. This indicates the sincere interest of people in Slovenian education and their serious approach to choosing an assistant in such an important matter.

Answering numerous questions of guests, we talked about adaptation of foreign students in Slovenia; the conditions of their life and bonuses they use; the difficulty level of the Slovenian language and the time necessary to pass the language exam; the possibilities of finding a job in the chosen degree field, etc.,” says Ksenia Balashova. She adds that this time the seminar participants included more people who were interested in the Master’s degree programmes than the Bachelor’s degree ones.

We are always very happy when young people consciously approach the continuation of their studies after undergraduate studies and choose Slovenian universities to obtain a narrow area of expertise,” says the representative of 2ТМ.

We remind you, dear readers, that from 12 February 2019, the universities and colleges of Slovenia start the first round of admission. From this point on, everyone wishing to become a student in the 2019/2020 academic year can apply for admission. Moreover, school-leavers and college students can enter the first round of admission without waiting for the end of the current academic year. Admission in the first round will provide you with the broadest choice of study programmes and enough time in stock, so that we can choose the most suitable study programme for you and produce the necessary paperwork.

To receive more information about the procedure of admission to Slovenian educational institutions, call our managers or send a request for consultation using the form on the website.