The 27th International Telecommunication Conference

The traditional 27th International Telecommunication Conference EuCNC 2018 will be held in the premises of the University of Ljubljana from 18 to 21 June 2018. The sponsor of the event is the European Commission.

The main theme of this conference will be 5G and Beyond (5G Technology and its Implementation). The conference will examine various aspects of the operation of communication systems and 5G networks. In particular, such issues as cloud solutions, virtualization, control technologies, vertical areas of use, etc. will be covered.

The aim of the conference is to unite scientists from all over the world to present the latest achievements of their research and create one of the platforms for presenting the results of research projects.

The Conference Will Feature:

  1. Presentations and publication of articles (including in IEEEXplore).
  2. Discussions involving representatives of industry and the scientific community.
  3. One of the largest technological and demonstration exhibitions as part of the scientific and technical conferences related to the sphere of 5G technologies.
  4. Workshops, sections, meetings that will discuss various technological and business issues.
  5. Overview lectures by famous specialists.
  6. Wide opportunities for networking.

Submission of materials (in English) is available until 12 February 2018.

Read more at the EuCNC2018 website.