Thank you, Tivat and Podgorica!

On February 5, the 2TM team visited Tivat and Podgorica in Montenegro, where our representatives held consultations for high school pupils and students. The majority of questions related to studies of tourism and IT but our representatives also answered general questions about student life, such as accommodation, costs, language of study, etc.

Photo: © 2TM d.o.o.

A presentation on the benefits of studying in Slovenia was prepared for high school pupils and students in Podgorica. Most interest was shown in studying economics, architecture, graphic design, English language, electrical engineering, civil engineering, physics, IT, dentistry, clinical psychology, law, molecular biology and tourism. Many students also had questions about master’s degree, especially in physics, economics, and psychology.

Thank you to all of you who visited us in Tivat and Podgorica!