Teachers of the DOBA Faculty Actively Participate in the Master@home International Project

Teachers of the DOBA Faculty are actively involved in the Master@home international project. At the end of March, they took part in the next meeting within the project in Lithuania. The project aims to develop the content and improve teaching of two Master’s degree programmes.

The Erasmus+ project – Master@home Internationalization at Home through Online Micro Masters and Virtual Mobility – is a multi-year international European project. The lead partner of the project is the University of Istanbul (Turkey). The project partners are the DOBA Faculty (Maribor, Slovenia), the Institute for Communication Studies (Skopje, North Macedonia) and the Vytautas Magnus University (Lithuania).

Within the three-year programme of the project, the partners will develop two Master’s degree programmes: Innovative Entrepreneurial Ecosystem and Digital Communication and Marketing. The target audience of the programmes are university graduates, businessmen, start-up entrepreneurs, and students.

The purpose of the programme teaching is the transfer of new modern knowledge to students that are practically applicable internationally. The meeting of the team of teachers from different countries in Lithuania was devoted to the development of the curriculum and teaching plan for the two above-mentioned programmes.

Source: fakulteta.doba.si