Teachers of the ERUDIO Business School Visited Moscow and Krasnoyarsk

In November 2016, the teachers of the ERUDIO Business School paid a visit to Russia to have a general acquaintance with the country and strengthen the international cooperation in science. The representatives of ERUDIO believe that scientific dialogue expands socio-cultural horizons of students and teachers, enriches them spiritually, and provides invaluable experience.

In early November, the Director of the ERUDIO Business School Master Ana Starc Žagar and researcher Natalija Majsova represented ERUDIO at the Education Fair in Moscow. Meanwhile, Dr. Matjaž Škabar, the Dean of the ERUDIO Business School, went to lecture in Krasnoyarsk. Krasnoyarsk and Moscow met the Slovenian guests with harsh winter weather, frost and snow. However, that was the only thing that could confuse the visitors. Upon arrival, they were cordially welcomed with a great deal of warm words about Slovenia and education in ERUDIO, which pleasantly warmed the souls of Slovenian teachers.

Sibirija ali vesolje

The Russian and Slovenian sides plan to expand international cooperation in education and organize a trip of Slovenian students to Russia — to Moscow or Krasnoyarsk, to the advanced Space Technology Centre.

In November, students were able to make sure that space is much closer than it may seem to us. The young people with pleasure attended the first lecture of the cycle ‘In Company with the Best’ (V družbi najboljših—in Slovenian), in the course of which the artist Dragan Živadinov was leading them along the virtual road from Paris to Moscow, from the Renaissance until the year 2045, and from the Earth to the orbit for 1.5 hours.

Natalija Majsova, a cultural studies scholar and researcher of the ERUDIO Business School.

Source: erudio.si