Take the Best from East & West: The Results of the 20th Ljubljana Summer School

In July 2019, the 20th Ljubljana Summer School – Take the Best from East & West was held at the Faculty of Economics of the University of Ljubljana. The School was attended by over 400 students from over 90 higher education institutions in 38 countries of the world (including Bosnia and Herzegovina, Serbia, Croatia, Montenegro, North Macedonia, Russia, Ukraine, India, and Kazakhstan). The students of the School were trained by 30 teachers with high international authority in 25 academic disciplines.

The Ljubljana Summer School is one of the largest summer schools in Europe in economic and business sciences. For the 20 years of its existence, over 4,000 students have studied here. The School includes two programme components. The main and most time-consuming component is devoted to the study of academic disciplines and includes subjects in Business, Economics, Business Law, and Business English. The second part of the School’s work involves acquaintance with the culture, customs and tourist attractions of Slovenia. An intensive educational process is carried out in intercultural groups with an emphasis on teamwork and practical examples. After listening to lectures, students pass an exam, which is later credited to them at their domestic educational institutions.

It should be added that the Faculty of Economics of the University of Ljubljana has a wide network represented by over 200 international partners around the world. By strengthening internationalization, including the launching of this Summer School, the Faculty develops its international relations and also makes an important contribution to strengthening and deepening inter-university cooperation.

Source: efnet.si