The TAFR Team of Slovenia Won the Contest for the Best Business Idea

The TAFR team of Slovenia won the CREA ICT Business Idea Contest for the best ICT business idea. The contest was held within the framework of the largest information and communication technologies fair in Italy. A team of Slovenian experts presented the project of a robot-agronomist, who can independently move along vineyards, fertilize, irrigate, weed fields and detect diseases in plants.

The first three best teams were awarded with an opportunity to work in one of three European business incubators—in the PoliHub (Milan, Italy), in the Business Incubator (Tallinn, Estonia) and in the Crosspring (the Netherlands) incubators. The TAFR team chose Tallinn because, according to Janez Cimerman, the local business incubator would help them the most in the development of a prototype and their business idea. They will also benefit from the participation in the international contest and the experience of working abroad.

In total, 14 teams from 7 countries took part in the contest. Slovenia was also represented by the aMediMat group with a project of an innovative adhesive bandage for treating chronic wounds with the help of stem cells.

Cimerman notes that the robot is at the stage of development. “We are currently working with mechanics and electronics, and the stage of programming and testing will start at the end of February,” he explains. The team also managed to attract a number of companies and research laboratories to the cooperation.

The developers improved their business idea within the framework of the CREA summer school, which this summer was organized by the Regional Development Agency of the Ljubljana Urban Agglomeration and the Faculty of Informatics and Computer Science of the University of Ljubljana.