Survey by Advantage Austria Ljubljana: Austrian Companies Place High Hopes in the Slovenian Market

Managers of over 90% of the Austrian companies doing business in Slovenia believe that in the new year the country will remain favourable for investment. This is evidenced by the data of the annual sociological survey conducted by Advantage Austria Ljubljana last week. About 60% of the surveyed managers of the Austrian companies operating in Slovenia state that the economic situation in Slovenia improved last year, and this year will be even better. Besides, more than half of the respondents say that they expect the growth of income and the number of orders in the coming year.

Austrian companies and investors know that they have an incredibly interesting, dynamic, stable, competitive and reliable market with many opportunities, which is in close proximity,” says the Head of Advantage Austria Ljubljana, an organization uniting Austrian investors in Slovenia, Peter Hasslacher.

It is noted that companies doing business in Slovenia are most satisfied with the availability of tenders and their transparency, as well as with the quality, level of education and motivation of the workforce in Slovenia. At the same time, 73% of the Austrian businessmen operating in Slovenia need more workers with secondary education and 27% of companies are in need of more workers with higher education. According to the Austrians, in addition to increasing the flexibility of the labour market, such measures as tax cuts, reduction of bureaucratic procedures and stabilization of the political situation will further improve the business environment in Slovenia.