Study Programmes of the Velenje Higher Vocational College – tourism, Hotel and Catering Business

The Velenje Higher Vocational College was opened in Slovenia in 1996. During the time of its existence, more than 10,000 students, including foreigners, have studied here. One of the most popular study programmes among the college entrants is the Tourism, Hotel and Catering Business.

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What Profession Is Provided by This Programme?

Middle grade staff in hotels, restaurants and travel companies makes the foundation of this business. Such employees fulfil important functions. They are engaged in the selection of contractors; supervise the work of maids, waiters, cleaners and repairmen. These managers are responsible for the formulation of valuable instructions to administrators, bartenders and even chefs. They are usually qualified to monitor the quality of all work performed by the employees of a hotel or a restaurant, and sometimes of an entire tourist complex, including the entertainment and health care departments. Therefore, they need to know the internal rules and schedule of work of the organization, as well as all existing sanitary-hygienic norms in order to control their strict observance. Specialists in this area rarely communicate directly with customers, but they solve the conflict situations that arise defending the reputation of their company.

Why to Study in the Velenje College?

The process of training in the Velenje College is focused on gaining practical skills. Certainly, the theoretical course on organizing meetings of high-ranking individuals or sanitary and hygienic norms of the restaurant’s operation is extremely necessary. However, it is equally important for a student to work directly, for example, in a hotel, and not only in a Slovenian one. The Velenje College on an ongoing basis actively cooperates with many foreign tourism enterprises. A significant number of its students study on exchange programmes in large educational institutions of other European countries and are practicing abroad. This allows them to expand and deepen their knowledge, sharpen their professional skills and develop useful contacts. For example, students of the Velenje College take part in competitions under the auspices of the Tourism Board of Slovenia and the Tourism Exchange, participate in competitions held within the framework of the Olympics of Professions, as well as in other European youth activities. Thus, graduates of the Velenje College often receive favourable offers from employment even before the diploma delivery ceremony.

The professions mastered by students of our college correspond to the current supply and demand in the labour market. The majority of our teachers work in companies that are leaders in their fields. Therefore, our students know firsthand about modern business trends. Study programmes of our college are designed so that they include 40% of practice. This means that our students get employed already during their studies. I want to add one more important point: Slovenia is culturally close to students from Slavic countries, so they feel very comfortable here,” emphasizes the Head of the Velenje Higher Vocational College, Uroš Sonjak.

We draw your attention to the fact that the second round of admission to this educational institution will be held from 27 to 31 August 2018. In our further publications, we will talk about other study programmes offered by the Velenje College to its entrants.

Author: Svetlana Koroleva

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