Students of the Maribor University Tourism Faculty Participate in a Creative Project Dedicated to the Culture of Gifting

On Friday, 20 April 2018, a team of project participants dedicated to the culture of gifting in Slovenia met at the Maribor University’s Faculty of Tourism.

The project is supported by the European Social Fund, and students participate in it within the framework of the Through Creativity to Knowledge contest. The project involves the Faculty of Tourism of the University of Maribor, the Faculty of Philosophy of the University of Ljubljana, the Posavje Museum of Brežice and a stage designer, costume designer and doll designer Prof. Dr. Jasna Vastl, a teacher at the Academy of Theatre, Radio and Cinema of the University of Ljubljana.

Within the framework of the project, students study the tradition of gifting and mostly collect ungifted gifts and stories related to them. Upon completion of the project, students under the guidance of their mentors will prepare the Exhibition of Ungifted Gifts, which will be opened in the Posavje Museum of Brežice.