Students of the Leon Štuklj University Sports Centre Take Part in a Rock Climbing Competition

The Leon Štuklj University Sports Centre held a student competition in rock climbing (lead climbing category). The Maribor University Sports Association and the Kozjak Academic Alpine Society organized the event.

The arbiter of the competition was a rock climbing instructor Peter Ferk, who also leads a section of sport climbing at the University Sports Centre (classes are held on Tuesdays and Thursdays in the evening).

The competition was attended by 10 students from the University of Maribor. All of them received memorable prizes from the sponsors of the event.



  1. Filip Brezovnik (Faculty of Mechanical Engineering)
  2. Mitja Mikek (Faculty of Mechanical Engineering)
  3. Jernej Gal (Faculty of Philosophy)


  1. Tina Levičar (Faculty of Economics and Business)
  2. Renata Javornik (Faculty of Philosophy)
  3. Janja Kodrič (Faculty of Civil Engineering, Transport Engineering and Architecture)

It should be added that sport is very popular in Slovenia and is actively encouraged. In particular, in the educational institutions of Slovenia, individual study programmes for the students engaged in sports at a professional level are provided.