Students of the Faculty of Economics of the University of Ljubljana Make Professional Tours to the Leading Enterprises

At the end of March 2018, students from the Faculty of Economics of the University of Ljubljana made professional tours to the representative offices of BTC d. d., Eligma and Vibrate companies (as part of the Knowledge Management subject). One more visit was made to the JP Energetika company (as part of the Accounting in Public Sector subject), which operates within the Javni Holding Ljubljana.

At JP Energetika, the head of the Finance and Accounting sector, Mira Filipič, greeted the students cordially. The employees of Javni Holding Ljubljana, Mira Filipič, chief accountant Brigita Ermenc, consultant Katarina Tomažin, as well as the independent experts, master Tine Kogovšek and Vida Demšar Zakrajšek, presented the students to the corporate structure of JP Energetika. After a short presentation of the regulations governing the activities of the company, in particular accounting, the accepting party told about the organization of accounting process through the SAP system information support. They explained the complexity of the information system on the examples of price formation, which is determined either by market conditions, or regulated by the orders and regulations of various government bodies.

During the visit to BTC d. d., the students explored the ABC business incubator and got acquainted with its programme for start-ups, then visited the Kristalna Palača skyscraper and climbed to the helicopter platform with a view of the entire BTC. At the end of the tour, the students visited the Eligma and Vibrate start-ups and watched presentations of the current projects based on the crypto currency and blockchain technology.

It is important to emphasize, that students-economists of the University of Ljubljana prepare business plans and business projects for companies. The main thesis of the university is that graduates must have sufficient practical experience to work in the sphere of economy. The University faculties are preparing their students for a successful entry into the labour market. As part of the study programmes, concrete and practical projects are implemented that combine students and entrepreneurs. The 2TM experts will assist entrants in choosing the right study programme. However, whatever programme entrants choose, in the process of studying, they will acquire serious practical experience, which will help them take a successful career start.

“The transfer of theoretical knowledge to the real world of business and the immediate application of knowledge in practice is one of the most important criteria of quality in the global system of higher education,” the representatives of the Faculty of Economics of the University of Ljubljana say. The University has concluded long-term agreements with a number of companies to provide students with an invaluable experience of knowledge gaining. The Faculty is often visited by businessmen. They give lectures and help students determine the topics of final papers and jointly hold business conferences.