Students of the DOBA Faculty Prepare a Business Project for the Ljubljana Animal Shelter

Students of the DOBA Faculty prepared a fundraising business project for the Ljubljana animal shelter. This work was carried out within the framework of the Creative Communication subject.

“How Simone Found Three Cats and Love” (Slovene: Kako je Simona našla tri mačke in ljubezen) is the name of the project that won during the second week of teaching the subject. The project was prepared by Boštjan Amon, Ana Bajuk, Marjetka Biderman, Božena Blanuša, Ines Bosnić and Ana Marija Bura. Scientific supervisor is Valerija Gašparič.

The current sponsor of the Creative Communication subject is the Ljubljana Animal Shelter (Slovene: Zavetišče Ljubljana). The students set a goal to develop and promote a business project for the largest in the country abandoned pets care centre.

As the Creative Communication teacher, Dr Mateja Mahnič, believes, cooperation with sponsors is an integral part of the academic process because it increases the level of motivation and inclusion of students. When mastering this subject, the theory is combined with practical skills, and at the end of teamwork, the winning team gets a well-deserved reward.