Students of the DOBA Faculty Complete a One-month Course “Mini MBA for Future Leaders”

The DOBA Faculty held a 4-week course on the basics of administration and skills management called “Mini MBA for Future Leaders” (Slovene: Mini MBA za vodje prihodnosti).

As a part of the intensive course teaching, based on an individual approach to each student, the following topics were discussed: “Skills Management and Specific Features of Future Professionals”; “Differences Between Generations that Assist in Generating Added Value”; “Marketing in Human Resources: How to Sell a Company to Employees and Candidates for Employment”; “Personal Management as the Basis of Success.”

On face-to-face lectures and in conjunction with an interactive online environment, teachers, using the case study method, offered students an unconventionally presented material with subsequent assessment of their works.

As a result of the course, over 90% of its participants stressed the benefits of the knowledge gained. According to students, the new knowledge will allow to organise a complex system of skills management taking into account the age of company employees.