Students of the Architecture Study Programme from the University of Maribor Take Part in the 17th AŠK International Research and Practical Congress

From 8 to 13 May 2019, a team of 8 students of the Architecture study programme, Faculty of Civil Engineering, Transportation and Architecture of the University of Maribor, under the leadership of Senior Lecturer Tomaž Ebenšpanger, successfully participated in the 17th AŠK International Research and Practical Student Congress of the Former Yugoslav Republics with an accompanying seminar on architecture. This year, the Congress has been organised by students and teachers of the Faculty of Architecture, University of Podgorica (Montenegro). The main objective of the Congress is the cooperation, networking, and exchange of knowledge and experience between students and teachers of 18 architecture faculties from the former Yugoslavia countries.

The current AŠK architecture seminar backs off from the conditional, inert and unambiguous discourse of architectural perception of space and traditional forms of spatial thinking. The topics of the seminar (Feel the Border, Liquid Reflection, and Trace Spirits) led students to a deeper understanding of urban and rural processes at a distance and at close quarters. While “reading” the city, students gained considerable experience in understanding the status and role of the architect in modern society. They reflected on ephemerality and interchangeability as opposed to the traditional idea of the eternal in architecture.

The next similar congress will be held in Maribor in 2020.