Students of Higher Educational Institutions Are Invited to Participate in the 29th Symposium of Medicine, Law and Society

Students studying under the Law and Medicine programmes as well as other faculties of Slovenian universities are invited to participate in the 29th Symposium on Medicine, Law and Society: Responsibility in Health Care. The symposium will be held on 27–28 March 2020 at the University of Maribor, 15, Slomškov trg, Maribor. For students studying under the Law, Medicine and Health Care programmes, participation in the symposium is free of charge. Registration is open until 26 March 2020.

The following topics will be discussed during the symposium: obligations and actions of medical institutions to combat resistant microbes, pharmaceutical legislation and EU measures to combat resistant microbes, sports law and medicine, duties of doctors and medical workers, compulsory and additional medical insurance.

Programme Registration