Students from the University of Ljubljana Design the Best Unmanned Aircraft and Win 23rd Annual Student Design/Build/Fly Competition

A team of 17 students from the University of Ljubljana led by Associate Professor Viktor Šajn won the American Design/Build/Fly (DBF) competition. The competition involved the design and production of an unmanned aerial vehicle (UAV) with remote control, as well as a flight competition.

It should be noted that 100 universities participated in the competition. Slovenian students were ahead of such prestigious educational institutions as the Massachusetts Institute of Technology, Stanford University, and the Technical University of Virginia. The unmanned aircraft designed by the students develops a speed of over 100 kilometres per hour.

The young inventors had been preparing for the competition for more than half a year being engaged in the production of a UAV model with radar and automatically folding wings, which can take off from an aircraft carrier and carry “bombs” performing all tasks extremely quickly. The process was led by a student of the Mechanical Engineering study programme – Timotej Hofbauer.

The competition consisted of three air missions and one ground mission, and it was in the latter that the Slovenian students, thanks to the wing transformation system, showed super-high results. The first air mission confirmed that the UAV was able to overcome three circles. In the second mission, they managed to get ahead of all the universities because, due to the exceptionally good surface of the UAV with the installed radar, all three circles were completed in 1.29 minutes. And, finally, the third mission brought the maximum points to the Slovenian team. During the last stage, the Slovenes managed to show the greatest advantages of their UAV model.