Students from the Faculty of Tourism and the Faculty of Logistics of the University of Maribor Are Invited to Participate in a Joint Project

Students of the Tourism study programme are invited to participate in a joint project of the Faculty of Tourism and the Faculty of Logistics of the University of Maribor – “We Explain – The Potential of Using Video Materials in Logistics and Tourism.” The project is implemented in the framework of the open tender Through Creativity to Knowledge 2017–2020 – The Second Discovery.

With the help of a mentor from the Faculty of Logistics, University of Maribor, Assoc. Prof. Dr. Sonja Mlaker Kač, a mentor from the Faculty of Tourism, University of Maribor, Prof. Dr. Mitja Gorenaka, and a mentor from a business company, during the project activities, students will develop innovativeness, creative thinking and other competencies that will help them find work faster after completing their studies. Some of the project activities will be held in the office of a business company.

The tender rule, as part of which the project will be implemented, assumes that the participation is available for the existing students of the Slovenia’s university, who are not employed or self-employed, are not registered as unemployed persons with the Employment Service and do not have the status of a private entrepreneur.

Another two conditions for participation in the project include a successfully passed exam on occupational safety and the medical examination. If none of the candidates fulfils the second and the third conditions, then the selected candidates will be asked to fulfil the above two conditions within a week after the completion of the selection.

For the work on the project, students will receive a cash reward of 9 EUR per hour gross, and with a maximum load of 40 hours per month – 360 EUR gross.

Completed application forms, all required data and motivation letters must be sent before Friday, 1 February 2019, until 12:00 (midday) at Letter subject: “Po kreativni poti do znanja 2017-2020 – 2. odpiranje.” The organisers note that sending the application does not mean participation in the project. Mentors will hold the selection procedure, during which the motivation letters will be taken into account. The project will be attended by 3 students from the Faculty of Tourism of the University of Maribor.

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