Students from the Faculty of Economics of the University of Ljubljana Win in SACkathon

Students of the Master’s degree programme in Business Informatics from the Faculty of Economics of the University of Ljubljana, Enis Zornić and Klemen Požin, are the SACkathon winners. The event took place last week in Barcelona.

SACkathon is a competition for the advanced use of data analysis in the sport with the participation of the best university students from across Europe. The event was organized by the Basketball Euroleague and the world’s leading developer of business applications and software solutions – SAP. Almost 400 students of Bachelor’s and Master’s degree programmes in Computer Science, Informatics, Marketing and Digital Strategies, Sport Management, and Sport Technologies from 13 countries of the world participated in the Euroleague and SAP competition.

The winning students presented to the jury the idea of how to use advanced analytical technologies to provide fans with even more unique impressions when watching basketball. The purpose of the contestants was to provide a clear and operational data analysis and create a graphical visualization, which will help teams quickly identify their strengths and weaknesses, as well as identify the same with rivals. Based on this information, teams can prepare a winning tactic for the next match.

Using the SAP Analytics Cloud tool, contestants analysed an extensive database for the last two Euroleague seasons, prepared graphical dashboards for managing teams and players, and presented extended data in a simple and clear manner.

In addition to a cash prize of € 2,000, Enis Zornić and Klemen Požin as SACkathon winners received the opportunity to take a three-month intensive training course at the SAP Sales Academy in California.