Students from Slovenia’s Universities to Take Part in the Design of Museum Rooms of Famous Architects—Maks Fabian, Jože Plečnik and Ivan Vurnik

Students from the Faculty of Civil Engineering, Transportation and Architecture of the University of Maribor, the Faculty of Architecture of the University of Ljubljana, the Faculty of Design of the University of Primorska will participate in the decoration of museum rooms dedicated to the three founders of Slovenian architecture—Maks Fabian, Jože Plečnik and Ivan Vurnik. The windows of the three museum rooms will face the Miklošič Street, which houses the buildings designed by three outstanding architects.

Each university will present 6 students who have passed the preliminary selection. 18 selected students will be divided into 6 groups. The students will prepare 6 museum room projects in memory of each of the three architects. The 3 best projects will form the basis of the museum rooms interior.

Museum rooms will be located in the Ljubljana Union Hotel. The project is supervised by the Centre for Slovenian Architecture. The project will be implemented from 14 March to 7 May 2018.