Student Service Is Constantly Updating the List of Vacancies

The studentski-servis website offers navigation among the on-demand professions and wages. About 1,238 vacancies are currently available on the website.

The search structure of the “Vacancies” section involves choosing the type of ads, region, thematic categories, desired hourly gross wage in euros and a keyword.

A hot job example: 

Job / Code / Start Date

Location/ Region

Number of persons to be employed

Schedule / Duration




(Notranjska, Kras)


until lunch on 23 November 2015€4.50 / hour, net €5.33 / hour, gross
Requirements: +18 years.Requirements: +18 years.

How to search

 A job that suits you is available by clicking in the e-office (Link:

Each day you can view up to 30 vacancies with all details (authors of vacancies, contact information, location, and other data) without contacting an operator-adviser from the Student Service.

If you want to view only those types of employment that suit your knowledge and skills in the electronic database of vacancies (, fill out the form:


In the EU, student labour is recorded as the length of service and work experience, which can then help to find permanent employment.

Pay attention to the following issues before or during your work

Before using the electronic portal of the Student Service, learn what payment method your potential employer selects, and whether he/she (his/her company) is in the blacklist of defaulters. (This can be done online:

Before executing your duties, be sure to agree with your employer on all the nuances, such as salary (pay for advertising, for physical work, a method for calculating bonuses, cash transactions, missing inventory compensation, etc.), work duration, requirements, additional conditions, internal rules of the company, and due terms of salary payment.

A clear and precise agreement signed between an employer and an employee before starting to work is of paramount importance in order to avoid later disputes and misunderstandings.

It is also important that the employer shall sign and stamp one copy of your referral before starting to work with you.