Student season tickets for cultural events 2020/2021

Many cultural institutions in Slovenia offer visitors season tickets, with which they pre-book various performances and concerts, and their total price is thus much cheaper. Students have unique benefits and can watch quality cultural events at low prices.

Photo: Attendance at subscription events is cheaper/Unsplash

Slovenian Philharmonic: the season ticket is suitable for everyone who enjoys classical music by Slovenian and other international artists. Application for the season tickets will be possible until the end of September. More information.

SNG Maribor: Season tickets are not only available to those who live in Ljubljana. Everyone who studies near Maribor can decide to visit the theater in SNG Drama Maribor, where you will see as many as five performances as part of your season tickets. More information can be found here.

MGL: The Ljubljana City Theater is one of the most famous theaters for students, and last year it enrolled a total of 2,300 students. This year’s season ticket is called Missed Opportunities and contains ten performances, including both dramas and comedies. You can get more information at this link.

Kolosej: A cinema season ticket is also available for all fans of good movies. For the price of € 30, you will be able to watch as many as seven different movies, and you will choose three of your own. More information is available here.

SNG Drama Ljubljana: Fans of opera, ballet, and theater can choose between two different season tickets, each offering five performances. You can read more information here.

Špas Theater: For all those who would like to have a good laugh, there are season tickets for the Spas Theater, a theater full of laughter. Comedies and stand-up performances are sure to make you laugh until you cry. Don’t miss the application and read more here.

Theaters in Koper: Students in Koper can visit the acclaimed Koper Theater, where you can see as many as seven performances as part of your season ticket and you will spend a little over € 60 to see everything. If you are interested, you can read more at this link.